Tony Maude’s most recent CD recalls an early modern practice in which the singing of songs constituted an integral and essential part of the theatre performance. At the same time, it develops this practice further by proving the compatibility of Shakespeare’s poetry with more modern forms of songwriting and singing. Biographically, ‘A Collection of Shakespeare Stuff' documents an artist’s life-long fascination with the works of the Renaissance author, ranging from theatre work in various companies to the composition of tunes which always do justice to Shakespeare’s artistry. Complemented by additional speakers and singers and accompanied by traditional instruments such as the guitar, lute, hurdy-gurdy, violin, and cello, all very skilfully played by fine musicians, Tony Maude’s interpretations of Shakespeare’s poetry are unobtrusive yet always fascinating and intense. The more you listen to this CD, the more you will get caught by its special atmosphere. To put it with Shakespeare: “If music be the food of love, play on!”

Professor Richard Nate, Eichstaett University, Germany. 2017

‘La musica è arte affine al teatro..........Questa musica è fatta(made) per continuare a sognare con Shakespeare noi che di quella impalpabile ed eterea (ethereal) materia siamo e saremo per sempre fatti.

I versi sono detti(spoken) con grande dignità, la chitara che accompagna la declamazione sembra del tutto immersa in uno spirito antico. È il miracolo del teatro che si perpetua all’ infinito’.

Francesco Caltagirone, Late for the Sky magazine, Italy. July 2017



Tony brought a new approach to the works of Shakespeare and Robert Louis Stevenson by performing them to music and encouraging the girls to contribute and sing along. All in all a very enjoyable and worthwhile performance from a talented musician and poet.



"His music and poetry build their own stage and the audience is as in Shakespeare's time, drawn into the action." Heide Rohloff, Professor of English, Hannover University. 
"Time and again, reviewers from Donegal to Dusseldorf will try to explain what it is Tony Maude has that can still a noisy bar, draw crowds in the street or communicate to the present with texts that are centuries old." Irish News. "He seems to inspire journalists to abandon the cliches of their profession and search for something altogether different and difficult to express." Colin Harper, Irish News.



"Modern day minstrel Maude makes merry by setting sonnets to music, be it country, trad-folk or blues. Poetry plays a large part in his proceedings, but at the core is his uncanny ability to see inside a mood and act accordingly" Time Out, London.
"The poetic magic of Tony Maude, it must be said, also came across in his poem recitations." Rheinischer Post. 
"A lovely poem…has left us all breathless." Belfast Community Radio. 
"The work of a poet who can write a good song." Daily Telegraph. 



"Wind in the Willows, Shakespeare's sonnet 18-Wonderful tunes, filled with melancholy but often bubbling with humour….always uncannily expressive, thus awaking the feeling that the text were written for the music and not the other way round." Rheinischer Post. 
"Many, many original ideas..more poetic can music not be." Westdeutsche Zeitung. 



"Where do you normally play?…I don't understand it…why aren't you top of the bill at Sidmouth?" Bracknell Folk Club
"The best solo act we've had this year, in fact, for years." Basildon Folk Club



"ALMOST TRUE": "exceptionally good, not only in content but also in performance, musical balance and presentation…a freshness and intelligence of approach is felt from the outset." Daily Telegraph.
"NO TIME FOR SORROW." Autogram Records. CD. 1995…" some great songs as well (as this poem). B.B.C. Radio Ulster. 



Tony Maude gastiert in Bad Schussenried

Tony Maude, englischer Songwriter und Poet, gastiert am Montag, 4 Dezember, in der Veranstaltungsreihe "Montagstreff" des Zentrums fur Psychiatrie (ZIP) Bad Schussenried. Im Mittelpunkt seienes Programms steflen Texte von Shakespeare, Kipling, Stevenson und Yeats. Mit seinen eigenwilligen Interpretationen gewinnt Tony Maude ihnen einen ganz neuen Reiz ab. In seinen Chansons vereint er Musik und Poesie eindringlich und kunstlerisch uberzeugend. Die Westdeutsche Zeitung jedenfalls war bei einem fruheren Auftritt angetan: "Witziges und Ernsthaftes, Frohliches und Melancholisches prasentiert er locker verknupft und ebenso locker vorgetragen. Doch begeisternd war nicht nur dieser frendliche, leise Humor, begeisterned war ueberhaupt die Art seiner Texte. Die Entdeckung der Posie im, normalen Leben, oder besser: die Poesie als Wunschelrute auf der wenn auch heiteren Suche nach dem Sinn der Dinge."