20th July 2019
July 20th 2019 Karlsruhe Library Performance

16th April 2019
Bad Essen Germany Private Jubilaeum

17 November 2018
Performance with Paul Millns at Gehring's Kommode, Mannheim, Germany. 40th Jubilee of this groundbreaking club.

16 March 2018
Private Performance - Schwabach, Germany

15 March 2018
Schwarzbach - Schule, Biberach, Sonderpädagogisches Bildungs - und Beratungszentrum, Germany.

14 March 2018
Muenster Klinik, 6.30pm - Zwiefalten, Germany

13 March 2018
The American Library 7.30pm - Karlsruhe. Germany

11 December  2017
Eichstaett University, Germany
"A Collection of Shakespeare Stuff" - live presentation.

April 2017
Clare Youth Theatre Workshop
Glor, Ennis, Co Clare.

15 December  2016
Eichstaett University, Bavaria
Symposium on The History of the Sonnet which includes the German launch of  'A Collection of Shakespeare Stuff' CD release 2016.

December 2016
Track no 12 from a Collection of Shakespeare Stuff, Fear No More the Heat of the Sun... featured on RTE Radio 1: Today with Sean O Rourke...